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Special Show to Celebrate the Retirement of Parachute Executives 1
2012년 03월 19일 (월) HyoJin Cha, Reporter hjcha@worldyannews.com
3 Broadcasting Labor Unions “Cry, pound the ground, and burst with anger”

“KBS didn’t send out any of the reporters when the suspicions over the President Lee’s retirement home in Naegok-dong rose. We even withheld the airing of “In-Depth 60 Minutes” which was supposed to cover 4 major rivers project. On the other hand, concluding the oil field development contract with UAE and G20 related issues were heavily publicized. I have felt uneasy for the last four years. Believing that the way for our happiness will pave the way for the Korean citizens’ happiness, I will fight until the last minute.” (Kyung-chul Um, the head of KBS labor union)


Journalists who came out to the streets to recover the impaired role of broadcast and media have been appealing for the support and solidarity to the citizens.

About 20,000 citizens and journalist gathered last Friday 7 pm to watch the strike concert, <Special show to celebrate the retirement of parachute executives,> and demand the resign of the current regime and parachute presidents who hinder the fairness of broadcasts.

Friday’s strike concert maintained the heat until late at night with large crowd of dismissed MBC, KBS, and YTN journalists, and journalists from Kookminilbo, Yonhap News, and other news agencies.

During the concert, the dismissed journalists went on the stage receiving enthusiastic applause from the citizens.


Yeon-joo Jeong, the former KBS president who was confirmed not guilty to all his accusations on Feb. 12, after 3 years and 6 months passed since his dismissal in August, 2008 appeared on the stage with the standing ovation from the citizens. Other journalists from each broadcaster followed Jeong to the stage as he mentioned their names.

“I don’t understand the reason I got dismissed. We have been suffering from disadvantages of being dismissed or suspended for telling the truth. In the Bible it is said that people who are persecuted for doing the right thing will be blessed,” said Jeong. “In that sense, we are the blessed. I hope we could organize a broadcaster with the people like this. On the way to build a new history of journalism, you who have gathered here are the seed and hope for the new history.”

Jong-myeon Noh, the YTN union head who has paved the new way in investigative reporting with <Newstapa> also said with conviction for the victory. “You are the spirit and hope of the times. I will get back to work to share the happiness of victory through the impartiality of all broadcasters,” Noh said.


Sang-woon Cho, the union head for Kookminilbo which marked 85 days of being on strike last Friday talked about the grounds for his dismissal with wit. “I was dismissed on last October 13, and I think it’s because I insulted pastor Cho Yong-gi by imitating his voice. I was technically sued.”

“Although it’s tough, you will witness the great history if you stay with me. Be with us until the end of time,” said Cho, imitating the speech of pastor Yong-gi Cho.

“Anybody who has lived to secure conscience for the last three years would have also been dismissed,” said Geun-haeng Lee, the MBC union head. “As I see you who gathered here, I have no regrets for what I did, since it proves that I have stayed on the right way.”

The mentions from the Yonhap News union which is on a strike after 23 years in 1989 drew the citizens’ attention.
“Hankyoreh reported that even the Yonhap News reporters who don’t ever consider going on a strike came out to the streets. We started to go on a strike to put the Yonhap News and Korean media back to the right track,” said the Yonhap News union head Byung-sul Gong.

“Last Thursday, KBS union head Kyung-chul Um compared Yonhap News as the sole terminator for this strike. It is said that compliment can make even whale dance, and Yonahp News which received this overwhelming compliment will dance until the last second,” said Gong.


Il-gu Choi, who received penalty of 3 month-long suspension for participating in the strike after resigning from his current position also gave sharp comments. “Gathered here is only the group of Socrates dissatisfied not the pigs satisfied. The united union of MBC, KBS, and YTN will surely win the victory,” said Choi.

“YTN is now crying; MBC is pounding the ground; KBS is bursting with anger. But we are proud of your spirit of sharing and solidarity,” said Jin-soo Park, an YTN union member.


Park put stress on the importance of the strike while calling out the names of dismissed journalists. He also went on to strongly urge on the resignation of the presidents of each broadcaster who have impaired the impartiality of media, and received a rousing cheer by singing the ‘reinstatement song.’
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