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"I Love You", The Most Beautiful Confession
2011년 02월 14일 (월) HyoJin Cha, Reporter hjcha@worldyannews.com

<I Love You>, one of many popular cartoons by KangFul is made into a film and will be theatrically released on Feb. 17th. <I Love You> talks about the beautiful love of four elderly people.

They seem to be so strong and wise in everything but become like innocent boys and girls with pure heart when in love, letting us find out what a true love should be. This movie has a deep meaning since it makes us to find the truthful healthy love regardless of the age, situation we're in or what we have now. It also shows the sad life of our parents after their children get married or simply leave home to live on their own, allowing us to think about the relationship between the parents and the children.


The first half makes people laugh very often but the other half makes us want to cry with sad touching episodes. The structure of the story is quite standardized allowing us to expect the characters' next move but the film will certainly make this winter feel warmer.

During the press conference held in Jan. 27th, the actress SuMi Kim attracted attention of people with choking voice after the premiere. The following interview is with the director ChangMin Choo, actor SoonJae Lee, actress SoJung Yoon and SuMi Kim.


-Please tell us how you feel about the completed film and say hello to your fans. 

SuMi Kim : I cried too hard. Right after the premiere I said to Mr. SoonJae Kim 'Guess you'll receive the award for the Best Actor.' I felt really happy watching the love story of the four people.

- What did you focus on the most, making the film with KangFul's famous webtoon? 

Dir. ChangMin Choo : His webtoons are very well made but I found they are difficult to be made into films. However, after reading <I Love You>, I thought that the story was good enough to make it into a film. I took the webtoon's story and tried to make the characters richer.

- What was your first thought when you were casted?

SoonJae Lee : It was a big hit webtoon and the play made a big hit too. I thought maybe I could express more intimate and deeper feelings in the movie. It was encouraging also to act the main character. We don't get to play the main characters in my age. (laugh)

SuMi Kim : I pictured myself with these people and it felt really good. I almost kneeled down in front of the three actors after watching the premiere. I was so deeply touched and I realized that I still have a long way to go. My head is aching so much since I cried too hard.


- It is a romantic movie, so please tell us what you think about 'love'.

SoonJae Lee : Love alters as we get older. Love between a married couple become quite realistic. In order to keep the marriage, both have to sacrifice some in order to fit into the reality. However even though we get old, we still have feelings in our hearts. That is what this film is trying to say. Even though people get old, people sill can love and it can be even more beautiful.

SoJung Yoon : If you ask me when's the best time to be in love I'd say that the kindergarten kids value their love the most, the teenagers value theirs the most and people in their 60s value their love the most. Age does not matter. If you're in love right now, then now is the best time to be in love. I hope everyone be in love.


SuMi Kim : The love of young generation we usually can see in the movies and what we have in this film are the same as a genre but also different both qualitatively and quantitatively. I think it is far greater love For example, I think the scene where MahnSeok(SoonJae Lee) and YipPoon(SoJung Yoon) hug has more value then the scenes where young couple who barely know each other hug and felt some kind of ecstasy. I think that love is the most priceless thing in the world and that the love between two unrelated people is the best one.

- It seems that you were really into the character of the movie. If you could confess the most beautiful confession like the copy of this film, who would that be to?

Dir. ChangMin Choo : I never thought you'd ask that. I am from KyungSang-do, I feel pretty embarrassed to say 'I love you'. But if I could, I want to say I love you to my parents, my children and my wife. 


SoonJae Lee : Even though I want to, I can't. My wife is still very much alive(laugh). I feel am quite amazed at how much things have changed these days. I used to do more than one piece since I could not earn enough money just doing one work. So I had to leave home for nearly 20 days a month. My wife lived through all those years without complaint. I guess young women these days would just run away if they have to live like that. I appreciate it very much. I want to tell my wife once again "I Love You"(laugh).

SoJung Yoon : I used to think that love was something cosmic and saying "I love you" was hard for me. I never said I love you except for my son and daughter. These days, people tell me 'I love you, professor' and it feels good. I realized that I valued the concept of 'love' too much and far too big so now I say I love you more often. I love you, everyone who's with me right here right now.

Sumi Kim : I lost my parents in spring and fall when I was 18. So I never had a chance to tell them I love you. I would like to tell them now, "Father, mother, I Love you."
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